Our founder Karen Cottier on why it's never too late to…start a Winter Body Care Routine.

....start a Winter Body Care Routine. When Winter winds begin to bite and the central heating is on full blast, we often forget about how all these extra clothes and changes in temperatures affect our skin from the neck down. 

We all know the importance of looking after our face and hands, but in winter, our body needs moisture and protection too.

Give your body a regular gentle exfoliation once a week and hydrate daily to keep your skin looking and feeling smooth, soft and healthy. And it doesn’t have to be hard work - a great way to do this is to treat yourself to one of our Wild Oats Bath Milks. Once the bath is infused with the milky mixture, use the muslin bag containing the remaining blend of ingredients to gently exfoliate your whole body, then lie back and allow your cares to be soothed away by the unique blends of essential oils wafting from your bath. Bliss!

To hydrate dry skin in winter, you need to moisturise daily. On the run and short on time? No worries -  smoothing a little Wild Oats Body Oil on damp skin after your shower every day takes no time and absorbs into your skin in seconds, so no unnecessary hanging around waiting to put your clothes on.

Our favourite oil for chilly winter mornings is Wild Oats Heavenly Body & Bath Oil with Ginger and Grapefruit. The rich essential oil blend is energising and warming and perfect as a pick me up for the skin and the senses, whilst the blend of nourishing Avocado, Sweet Almond, Oat and Vitamin E Oils moisturise and soften the skin -without leaving a sticky residue.

It’s never too late, so lots of time left to start paying proper attention to your skin – you’ll feel the difference!


Check out our Winter Essentials and Winter Pamper Boxes which have everything you need to save your skin this winter.

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