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Wild Oats Gorgeous Candle

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Neroli and Sandalwood 120g 

Set the mood and add a touch of luxury to your home with the latest edition of our Wild Oats Gorgeous Home CandleWe have blended sweet Neroli with elegant Sandalwood and uplifting Lemongrass to create a decadent, romantic aroma that lasts in your home.

Karen’s top tip! Light this candle after a romantic dinner when it is time to retire to the couch, put your feet up and your arm around someone special.

BURN TIME:  20 hours approx

BURNING AND SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: For best results, trim wick to 5cm prior to lighting. To prevent fire and serious injury, never leave burning candles unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets and away from flammable materials. Avoid contact with the skin. Container may be hot when the candle is lit, allow to cool before relighting and never burn right to the base of the container. Burn on a heat resistant surface away from draughts. Always remove match debris from the candle.

INGREDIENTS: Soy, Neroli & Sandalwood