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Wild Oats Winter Essentials Gift Box
Wild Oats Winter Essentials Gift Box

Wild Oats Winter Essentials Gift Box

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Our Wild Oats Winter Essentials box has everything you need to protect your skin from the harsh elements and naturally scented with Neroli and Lemongrass to provide a warming moisturising boost to the skin and to the senses.

Karen’s top tip!

Don’t have a bath in your home or simply don't have the time? You can still get the best out of your Body & Bath Oil by using it on damp skin after a shower or bath. Pat your skin dry and gently massage into the skin, remembering to do the elbow and shoulder areas which we often miss. Not only will your skin benefit from the moisturising oil, but the scent will leave you feeling fresh and subtly fragranced all day. Best of all, it takes two minutes to make a sensorial skin spoil part of your daily routine.

The Wild Oats Winter Essentials Gift Box includes:

  • 100ml Gorgeous Body and Bath Oil

  • 100-gram bar of Nourish Soap

  • 100-gram bar of Protect Soap

  • 100% white Cotton Flannel 

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